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Group Guidelines


By participating in the Synergy Community support group(s) you understand, and agree to adhere to the guidelines below.


Our groups are often facilitated by licensed or otherwise certified professionals, but while in session you are not a patient of the facilitator, but a member of a peer-support group.


The facilitator may cut you off if he/she feels you are not abiding by the rules below; they may also encourage you to seek elevated care with our affiliate clinics, urgent or emergent care, or they may initiate 911 services if they feel there is a likelihood of immanent serious physical harm. 

The most important guideline is what is shared by groups members should remain in group. This confidentiality is what allows you and other group members to feel safe to process the reasons we seek out peer group support. If this is violated you will be prohibited from future groups. 

Have respect for each other.
- Respect each other’s ideas
- Respect the other group members
- Don’t interrupt each other
- Everyone’s opinion should count
- Be honest with each other


All group members should do an equal amount of work.
- Everyone should share the responsibility of the tasks
- Don’t take over and don’t let others take over


Your group should have a common understanding of goals that need to be achieved.
- Help each other to understand all concepts


Be open to compromise.
- Be willing to cooperate with others on their ideas
- Keep an open mind
- Vote on disagreements


Effective communication.
- Make sure everyone is able to be vocal about their ideas and problems
- Give ideas no matter how “off” you may think they are
- Listen effectively
- Don’t be critical


Time management.
- Attend and arrive on time to all group meetings
- Be flexible about meeting times
- Keep on task (limit talk about non-related events)

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